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It is increasingly becoming common knowledge that nutrition and exercise will assist in achieving better outcomes in labor and birth. But did you know that Group B Streptococcus (GBS) is the number one cause of infant sepsis? In a recent study by Ming (2016) drawing from a sample of women who were diagnosed as positive for GBS, they treated half with placebo and the other half with probiotics and they found that almost half of the women who received the probiotics tested negative for GBS at onset of labor. It was suggested by the authors that it would be beneficial for women take probiotics the third trimester to prevent GBS. This makes sense to look to prevention instead of treatment because of problems with antibiotic resistance many people are now facing.
Additionally there are NO negative side effects to taking probiotics, these products will heal the gut and give optimal gut and biome health. Not only could pregnant women benefit in preventing GBS they may also …

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